A Bed A Buck A Buddy became reality

after Selena's 8th birthday.

 For her 8th birthday Selena wanted to collect donations for local animal shelters instead of gifts! She asked her mom to have it put on her invitations. Friends and family were very gracious with their giving and here is what she got to donate because of her friends and family: 121.5 lbs. of dry dog food, 62 lbs. of dry cat food, 58 dog toys, 39.5 lbs. of dog bones, $38.00 in donations, 36 bags of dog treats, 24 towels, 22 cans of cat food, 20 lbs. of cat litter, 12 cans of wet dog food, 12 bags of cat treats, 12 blankets, 9 cat toys, 6 pkgs. of small animal treats, 5 pet bedding, 4 collars, 3 pillowcases, 3 dog beds, 3 food/water bowls, 2 pillows, 2 brushes, and 1 leash!

Dr. Campos wrote the Foreword for Selena's book, "Cici's Amazing Birthday". 

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Her Dream

Selena currently has a 2 year old, part shar-pei and part boxer named Cici and her beloved 5 year old Lab/German Shepard named Snowy. Selena earns money by doing neighborhood jobs like house and dog sitting, watering plants, and household chores. She uses her own money to help purchase all the items for her pets including food, treats, and supplies.

ABed ABuck ABuddy

Her mission

Her Favorite Vet

Selena is an animal lover by nature! She is passionate about animals and wants to spread her message of adoption with everyone!

A Bed A Buck A Buddy encourages others to help out by donating supplies, money or becoming a buddy to an animal at a shelter. Anyone can volunteer their time at a local shelter or find a forever friend and adopt one!

After one of her visits to a local animal shelter, Selena learned that they were low on supplies and donations. She wanted to do something to help!

Our Background

Dr. Campos

San Francis Veterinary Hospital

Spring Hill, Florida

Selena's Pets